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Income-producing properties for investment

If you are looking for income-producing properties for investment, Premium Israel is your address. Premium Israel offers you a variety of such assets, which will make your investment much smarter, an investment with high returns. How to choose such properties and what is important to check before purchasing them? Here is a brief explanation. Gather […]

Increasing profits in the business

Increasing the profit in a business should be the ambition of every business in every field of activity. The profit is known to be the difference between the income and all expenses (direct / variable and fixed) before income tax payments. The increase in profit can be effected by a large number of different options […]

Preparing a professional presentation: five tips and one more

Presented – this is how you do it Prepare a presentation. Deliver it, feel the eyes hanging on you. Hopefully you will be able to convince, that the message “will do it” to whoever sees it. For the first time the stomach flutters. Next time we start to get used to it, and still not […]

Branding and marketing the business

Many entrepreneurs build businesses but only a few build a brand, and in many cases the value of your brand is several times greater than the business itself, for example, there are many hamburger restaurants but McDonald’s has only one, there are many types of carbonated drinks but Coca Cola has only one. It is […]