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Preparing a professional presentation: five tips and one more

Presented – this is how you do it

Prepare a presentation. Deliver it, feel the eyes hanging on you. Hopefully you will be able to convince, that the message “will do it” to whoever sees it.

For the first time the stomach flutters. Next time we start to get used to it, and still not sure we are doing it right ….

Are you preparing a business presentation? A presentation to investors? Whether you want to prepare a presentation for a presentation, or a presentation to watch online, the following article is for you. Five winning tips and one more – this is how you will give the best presentation you can.

Rule number 1: Focus.

We all suffer from ADHD a bit … In a generation of instant messaging and constant sensory flooding, how can we not? Your listeners will also listen to you in ten or twenty minutes of their lives, with the blessing of their minds constantly humming the rest of the tasks and chores they have to handle. If you are lucky, they will not answer any urgent WhatsApp questions in the process. How to maintain attention? The answer is focus. Reduce your message to the base of the base, to the three sentences that viewers will take with them. The presentation will include more than that, but you need to make sure that these three sentences are certainly absorbed. And these three sentences – polish until they are diamond. You can use marketing writing services for startups, or do it yourself.

Rule number 2: Emotion is king

We think we are mental but in fact our decisions fall on the emotional click created or not created. So, turn to emotion. How do you do that?

  • stories. A story is what creates a connection. Not a complex novel, not a plot. A story means something that happened to someone, to a person like me and you. Any dry figure can be turned into a story. It’s catchy, it’s
  • memorable, and most importantly – it connects to emotion.
    Meaning-laden words – Use words that create an emotional connection. Your startup is not only “successful” it is “innovative” “reliable” “the thing that will take you forward.”

Rule number 3: data, data

Bring data that supports your venture. Ahh, we contradicted the previous rule … but fortunately people still use their minds from time to time. The emotional connection is the initial one – and after it is formed, invest in the logical persuasion as well. Bring evidence, numbers, studies.

Rule number 4: Visibility

I see – that means it exists. Text hovering in the air – pictures and written words are burned into the memory. Designing your presentation visually is critical. Invest in it. Appropriate colors, clear font and large enough.
Present your data as graphically as possible. Tables, diagrams, pictures. According to studies, most people are better at absorbing visual data.

Rule number 5: Short and to the point

Reduce your lecture to half what you wanted to say … and then shorten it even further. How short? No more than ten slides, no more than twenty minutes of lecture.

And one more rule – what will I gain from this?
You are not interesting to anyone. No, that’s not an insult. We are all selfish, and when it comes to our wallet – even more so. Every marketing message must focus on answering the one and only question – what will the customer gain from what you have to give him.
Or in our case – the target audience of your presentation. What do they want? What interests them? What will they gain from participating in your venture? From investing in the startup you present? Before you have an answer to these questions, do not start. Once you have an answer, you need to focus on it. Build the presentation around.