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Branding and marketing the business

Many entrepreneurs build businesses but only a few build a brand, and in many cases the value of your brand is several times greater than the business itself, for example, there are many hamburger restaurants but McDonald’s has only one, there are many types of carbonated drinks but Coca Cola has only one.

It is impossible to argue with their success, brand is power. Every major brand has the fingerprint of the entrepreneur who founded it.

Many think that a brand means a logo, an advertising campaign or a leading model experienced in posters. The concept of brand can be explained in two words: promise and experience. The promise you convey and the experience you provide.

The brand is based on what the entrepreneur represents. When customers see your brand, hear your name or use your products, these symbols and experiences should evoke in them what you represent.

We are all familiar with the Apple logo of Apple and its founder Steve Jobs, whose products are among the world’s leading in terms of technology, are inspiringly designed and are a role model for many other manufacturers competing with it.

The food retail sector in Israel has been characterized in recent years by a high and aggressive level of competitiveness. But one brand has managed to rise above them all and that is Rami Levy’s “Rehabilitation Marketing”. His marketing network operates under his personal leadership, and he also serves as the “face of a network” vis-à-vis consumers. Rami Levy guarantees the consumer the lowest price with a shopping experience and a variety of products. His special promotions like “Chicken in Shekel” or “Matzah in Shekel” jumped him to the top of the national sales table and built him the strongest brand in the market over the years.

Brand success is measured by the way you, your name and your product or service evoke an emotional response and sweep your customers. After all, it is known that we buy according to the inclination of our heart and justify the purchase with our intellect. The bottom line is that a brand must first be emotional and then logical.
In the increasingly competitive business world, which strives for good quality at lower prices, where technology is evolving rapidly and transactions are being made quickly online around the world, brand building is sometimes even more important than building a business. And for those who do not have a brand there is no business.

Business identity

The identity of the business is in fact the way the firm is perceived by customers, suppliers, employees and everyone who is in contact with it.

The firm’s unique identity is reflected in the firm’s logo, colors, marketing materials, slogan, business card, logo page, envelope and all of the company’s communications with the environment.

Customers first and foremost buy with their eyes. “Business visibility” creates new customers and shifts existing customers. Your business visibility will determine how customers will see you, and then they will decide whether to work with you and recommend you to acquaintances, family or friends.

The first impression in your marketing can be the website of the business. From here customers can understand how you present your business. In your phone conversation with a customer, he gets the first impression of who you are as people and service providers. So he decides if he continues to be your customer or not.

Nowadays people do not buy a product, they buy an experience. Obviously the product is important to them, but there are many competitors in the market that you can buy from. It is the emotional experience that determines who the customers will buy from and which businesses will benefit from.

Many also associate beauty, order and cleanliness with the quality and character of people. A few years ago I offered an apartment for sale. In my building there was an apartment exactly similar to mine which at the time was also put up for sale. The realtor showed the interested people the neighbors’ apartment and they did not like it. After a week he offered them my apartment and they told him they know the apartments in the building and have no reason to see another one. After begging them they came to see and bought the apartment. If it’s the same apartment, then why did they buy from me? Because the first apartment was messy, not clean and not inviting.

The buyers who came to my apartment saw a shiny, clean and tidy floor. Like it or not, this experience affects your attitude towards the house as a future property for you and also the price of the apartment. The same goes for service providers and products. People buy a product because of the experience it gives them, and the initial experience is what determines whether customers will decide to buy from you, even before they have seen the product.

Your visibility begins with you. In your appearance, dress and behavior. Ask yourself, do you look like the level of service and business success you want to convey to the customer? Your appearance gets stuck in the customer’s eyes and head for better or worse.

Look in the mirror before you go out for a day of work and ask yourself, how do you feel about your appearance? Do you represent the business values ​​you have built?

The visibility of your business does not end with your appearance, it should be visible in everything that is close to the customer. Business card, forms, your engagement agreement, flyer, promotional products, Facebook and website. Do they look as good as you?

No matter what you do, one thing is for sure – you have competitors. Customers who need your product or service need to decide who to work with and to whom to give the money. If you look like a million dollars you will deserve a million dollars. You need to make your customers feel and say “WOW”, and that will increase your business success by tens of percent.

In recent years we have seen companies change their corporate identity. For example: Mizrahi Bank, which merged with Bank Tefahot, Bank Leumi, which decided to shorten its name to Leumi, and Partner, which broke away from the international Orange company.

When identity changes everything changes. Website, logo design, colors and so on. When you meet with a designer who builds the image of your business, you must come up with a collection of requirements that are important to you that the business will convey to your customers.

Brand image

Your brand makes the customer “connect” with your business or with your product / service, and in the moment of deciding whether to buy from you or the competitor, he will prefer you. This process is called branding. Every meeting point of your business with potential customers, and every consumer experience from your products or service, influences and shapes your branding perception in their eyes.


A unique logo is your trademark and sets you apart from the competition. The role of the logo is to serve as a hallmark and represent your business in the minds of customers.

Logo design is done in the first stage in the establishment of an image and marketing system for each business. The logo should be unique, simple and catchy, allowing customers to easily identify the product they are looking for, thus enabling product and company loyalty.


A slogan is a short sentence that means what the business is doing. The slogan usually appears with the business logo and therefore its colors should be integrated accordingly.


A website is recommended for a business that wants to convey a high-level image and a serious impression, and it is important for it to be visible on the Internet, with all the characteristics of the business image and its branding.

Pay attention to the quality of the design, the clarity of the wording, the sense of interest and enthusiasm, the colors and the amount of time it takes for a website to go live.

It is highly recommended that the domain name of the site be the name of your business or product.

Business card and office stationery

Office stationery includes stationery, business cards, envelopes, memo pages (catalogs), catalogs, rollups and everything that comes into the hands and eyes of the customer.

Office stationery has great marketing potential, so it’s important to design it in the colors and motifs of your logo and slogan. Here is your chance to show your differentiation from the competition.